Review: The Karate Kid 1984

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The Karate Kid staring Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi. It is one hell of a film and I am glad to hear that they have cast Jackie Chan as the next instructor for The Karate Kid. Pats performance in all of the Katate Kid films is just fantastic. He portrays a war hero from WWII who won the Medal Of Honor for fighting for the United States against Germany. That is just a bit of his back story. Much much more is explained about him past in successful films, but since this review is about the one film, I will leave here only what is known from the first film.

Ralph Macchio plays Daniel Larusso, a kid from New Jersey that moves to California with his mother and almost immediately hates every moment of it. The reason he hates it is because of the members of a karate dojo called Cobra Kai are constantly harassing him no matter what he does. Its all because he becomes friends with Ali, the former girlfriend of Johnny, the best student at Cobra Kai. No matter what Daniel does, he is always getting into trouble with Johnny and the Cobra’s. It all comes to a head when Daniel is a school dance and decides to finally take a stand, of sorts. He cause Johnny to be sprayed with water and then the Cobr’s take off after him. Daniel almost makes it home but the Cobra’s catch him and start pulverizing him with kicks and punches. Mr. Miyagi sees this and steps in and stops them and chases them off.

The story then changes to that of master and teacher where Mr. Miyagi begins to instructed Daniel in the martial arts that his father taught him. At first Daniel doesn’t see the training as training but as being used as a slave. It is not until Mr. Miyagi spars with him a little that he finally realizes that his body was being conditioned for the moves that were needed for the style that Mr. Miyagi was teaching Daniel.

The entire film is a heart warming adventure of discovery, love and compassion for others as well as how cruel others can be if they are taught incorrectly by their teachers or their parents. I am sure that you will love the film as I feel it is timeless. You should definitely check it out by either renting it or buying it for your personal collections.