Just My Luck

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This 2006 movie was cute and savvy, and most likely one of the last movies we will see Miss Lindsay Lohan in for a very long time. This was from the time before she met with those things in Hollywood that turn regular good actors and actresses into chemically-enhanced tabloid fodder. This is not the story of Miss Lohan, but of Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan) and Jake Hardin (Chris Pine). Two Mahattanites whom have been both blessed and cursed by the Fates. Ashley is an executive at a PR firm, and is just about the luckiest woman to ever have existed. She’s the kind of person who steps in gum, only to have a $20 bill attached to it. She can always get a taxi just by waving, and her designer duds never, ever get splashed by puddles after a rainstorm. She may seem high-maintenance, but with all the wonderful things that happen to her, life itself maintains her.

Jake Hardin is the opposite of Ashley. He works as a maintenance man at the Rock n Bowl, a bowling alley that brings in new music acts as entertainment. Jake also the manager of an amazing British band, McFly. McFly is the one bright spot in his life, because they have an incredible sound reminiscent of The Beatles with a splash of Blink 182. If he can get them noticed by a major label, he will be set for life. The Fates are not so kind to Jake. If anything bad will happen, it will happen to him. He can’t even take a walk through Central Park without ripping his pants, getting splashed, or ending up with poo on him. He’s a magnet for bad luck, and he can’t seem to break free from the curse.

During a party Ashley has set up as a PR campaign for Masquerade Records, after the approval of her boss, Peggy Braden (Missi Pyle) and Masquerade Records’ owner, Damon Phillips (Faizon Love), Ashley and Jake cross paths as he is trying to get a demo CD to Damon. This party has a masque/Carnival’ theme, featuring celebs, music videos, fortune tellers, and sky dancers. Ashley learns from a tarot reader at the party that her fate is going to change. Ashley disregards the advice, and goes on to keep mingling with the crowd. Jake has slipped past security dressed as one of the masques dancers that is there to entertain the party-goers. He runs into Ashley, and she gets caught up in the party atmosphere, and shares a kiss with the mysterious dancer. What Ashley did not know was that Jake was going to drain all her good luck away with that kiss and exchange it with his curse. Then things make a drastic change for the both of them. Jake saves the life of Damon as he pushes him out of the way of an out-of-control car. The date Ashley set up for Peggy and her cute Italian neighbor, Antonio (Carlos Ponce), goes to Hell when it turns that Antonio is a gigolo, and they all end up in jail. Ashley loses her job. Jake and McFly get anything they want from Damon. What a mess!

This movie was fun, and great for a date. On its merits alone, regardless of anything the actors have done since then, on or off screen, it was cute and funny, and the best thing in the movie was McFly. I hope to purchase some of their music soon. There are many references to common superstitions about good luck and bad luck. In fact, the opening theme song was “Just Got Lucky” by 80s British alternative band, Joboxers. Forget the press, and the cloud of paparazzi that has haunted the cast of the movie over the past few years, and enjoy Just My Luck for what it is, a fun, magical romantic comedy.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆