Jungo Mega Match Game

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Help Jungo free all his wild friends from the evil Vargus and his Shadows of doom in this fun and entertaining mega match game. This isn’t your usual match up game as you are able to keep linking up your matches till the internal timer for the match decides to remove your collection of matches from the board. You can even match up as many as 30 at a time on the larger boards but it is a race against the shadow wiping out your board and costing you. Not only do you get the joy of matching up the colors but you also can take and find Jungo’s paw print on the map. If you find the paw print you will get Oracle help and advice as well as unlock more ways to keep the shadow and sometimes shadows at bay. This is going to be a game that you will not soon forget and will find yourself playing it for hours on end.

Vargus has encased all of Jungo’s friends in colored bubbles and you have to match them up to set them free. The more you match the more your power bar will increase as well as push the shadow back some for each match. Once you have enough power you will get a star ball that when matched up with its corresponding color will free all the animals on the board. Because you are able to match up so many colors at once, you don’t have to wait for them to leave the board, you are able to make interesting shapes and linkups. Some will give you power boosts while others will push the shadow further back. As you find more paw prints you will also get special bubbles or tiles that when matched up will increase your ability to clear the board and free all of Jungo’s friends. But the game is a story as well as you are trying to chase Vargus down and make him pay for what he has done to all the animals. Can you catch him before time runs out?

This is a really fun game to play and entertaining with its tribal and jungle music as well as bright colors that are not always the same. What makes this game even better is that you are able to choose a wide range of screen settings as well as color depths. This is one game that is not going to loose its charm or get old any time soon. Jungo is a rather addictive yet fun game to play.