Juliette’s Fashion Empire

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This is one really fun girly game, and if you like time management titles and fashion games, then this is great mix of the two. We play as Juliette, and up and coming designer from New York. She has a little boutique, but her upstart is really falling flat until she gets a call from a competitive classmate. Adrian has set Juliette a challenge, and the first one to have a celebrity class shop in New York wins. Juliette knows she can beat Adrian, and from there, the world will become her oyster, or so she thinks.

From there we set up a backroom prep area to send models for Juliette’s designs at Fashion Week. Each week features a new theme, and we get new models from all over the world, from the shy British bookworm to the impatient South African diva. Each new show brings us new customers and ways to upgrade our prep areas to make the models more comfortable, because some of theses ladies can be impatient, and a model with a bad attitude won’t sell Juliette’s upbeat designs. Juliette speeds along in her shop, and with the upgrades, we can hire staff members to help us, and add things like video games and energy drinks to keep the girls’ spirits up. We do this in several fashion capitols, and you really never know who is going to try to show Juliette up next.

I only played the demo, and was rather disappointed when my hour was up, but I think I’ll go back for a second helping of Juliette’s Fashion Empire soon, so I can see how she gives that arrogant Milan designer, Carlo, the business, among other things. There are some games you just can’t get enough of, like Heroes of Kalevala, and this game is another one just like it.