The Juicer

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

The Juicer had the potential to be a really fun and funny first person shooter game. It seems the poor farmer decided to up his game in producing some crops, but the new chemical additive made the fruits and veggies come to life, and they went all Sorcerer’s Apprentice on him. Now the evil plants are coming at him with a vengeance and it’s up to him to shoot the crazy corn and the pummeling pears until there can be enough juice extracted from them to create an antidote. These wild plants have an edge, though. They being in reinforcements by truck and planeloads. Depending on which upgrades you buy or earn, it’s really funny to see the animations when things change. Therein lies the problem with this game. Every time you shoot one of the helper discs in the shooter, the graphics wash out the screen, and it’s very hard to see. Clearly, this game was released too soon. There is nothing wrong with my video card, as just before I tried The Juicer, I was playing Guild Wars without any problems, except those we normally see on AB bonus weekends.

If you think your machine has the capability to get past the graphic bug, then give The Juicer a try. You might be rewarded with some good laughs as you watch the crazy corn tumble all over themselves when they try to race at you in Slo-mo. Unless the devs of this game do a re-release with the graphics fixed, I cannot recommend it.