Jo’s Dream: Organic Coffee

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

It too a few tries for me to get a pattern working with Jo’s Dream: Organic Coffee, but once I got things going, this turned out to be a very fun time management game. It starts with a typical girlie game set-up, a post grad is starting out after a travel tour, and meets with an old friend, and they set up a business. We’ve seen this in many of these kinds of games, but what really made this fun for me was the access to upgrades, and hiring people that make the game run so much smoother. Speaking of things running smooth, this game hardly skips at all, and has a very fluid look to it. It seems that Melesta Games has gotten some new software or developers, because this is a far cry from their Farm Frenzy-style games that all seem to look alike.

So, unlike other coffeehouse games, in this one, we are serving up espresso and Americano coffees, teas, cocoa, along with sweets and atmosphere to the people in our little town, the day to day crowd of cops and mail carriers, shoppers and business people. The quicker we can serve them, the more likely we are to get some good tips. I found that if I activated the drink machines, served up the foodstuffs, and did the mouse-click clean-up, my employees could handle much of the other stuff on their own. They might seem a little distracted at first, but the better they are paid, the faster they work, and they are less likely to spend time on their cellphones. Hey, when the closest thing to a coffeehouse you have is 50 miles away, even a virtual one looks good. Learn the pattern, and you will find this game to be very enjoyable.