Jewels of the East India Company

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Before testing out any game, make sure you let your pet out, else, he or she will try to help you in the game testing, which will make the whole experience very chaotic, especially, if they want to share their love at the time. So, my test on easy level of Jewels of the East India Company was somewhat less focused than it should have been.

If you have ever played the puzzle game Heroes of Hellas, then the game mechanics are very similar to this one. There is a great back story about the explorations of early 19th century Colonial Africa, and how the East India Company was searching for the town of Nigili, which was to have a legendary stash of treasures, but it seemed none of the explorers could ever find it. There is intrigue and plots within the story of how corrupt military men tried to one up on each other… and it seems that things never really change, but that is more likely going to show up in a different game, and it will most likely not be a Match 3 puzzle.

There are tools to help you along the way, like shuffles, multi-directional cannons, gold coins that can be used in place of jewels to form chains, and there are things to block your matching efforts as well, like locked tiles, and roped off tiles, that much be broken by forming chains with free tiles. Each puzzle is a little different from the previous one, and even though they start off easy, the further you get into your explorations toward finding Nigili, the harder they get. Though the game mechanics is fairly easy to learn, the tale of the search for Nigili and the rivalry between explorers is very interesting. It might be worth the thorough gameplay to find out what happens, because learning history is much more effective when having fun while doing it. This also involves a story that many players might not have ever heard of.

So, before you test out any game, do this:

You’ll have a much easier time while playing.