Jewel Match 3

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

I’ve not tried any of the other Jewel match games as of yet, but if they are as boring as Jewel Match 3, I may forego them. The one thing that really put me off was the ultra-light “fantasy” music that was used in the background. Elevator music is more upbeat than the music in Jewel Match 3. It was quite a feat not to fall asleep while playing this game. Sure, there little diversions from the Match 3 sections of the game. I suppose they were added to keep the player more alert. Little jumps into hidden object puzzles in some smithy filled with potion bottles and magical hammers. Rebuilding the castle of the nobles with the “gold” Luna earns for completing the Match 3 puzzles. No wonder the villain of this Kingdom of Nevernear was able to tear this place to pieces! He must have put everyone to sleep. I may give a look at the other Jewel Quest games, but I’m not ready to dive right into them if they are anything like Jewel Match 3. A more up-tempo soundtrack, and some polish with the graphics might have made this a better game. The Match 3 challenge is good, but very difficult to get through because the music and shimmering jewels have a sort of hypnotic effect. I don’t play puzzles to be mesmerised, just to be entertained. This game is very relaxing, but too much. I was relaxed, but not really entertained by Jewel Match 3.