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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Again, I was somewhat refreshed to gain access to another hidden object mystery game not dealing with ghosts, undead, or corrupt politicians (from the Greek poli meaning “many” and tics meaning “blood sucking insects”). In this game we are working with a high end magazine but it’s still pretty much a tabloid. Still, you’re an investigative reporter with a knack for being resourceful and helping people out of a jam, no matter whom they might be. In this little adventure, you’ll be helping out European supermodels, spoiled Park Avenue brats, and adventurous tycoon moguls, among many others.

While the concept is very good, the delivery is poorly presented in comic book prologues, badly laid-out puzzles, and grainy graphics. Often, you will find the same puzzles being used over for different assignments, which might make the game become less challenging. while you might find yourself in the habitat of the elite whether it be a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive or on an undersea excursion, you’ll find this game to really be lacking, not only in sight, but sound, too. We get the same light jazz we tend to hear in many of these games that are geared towards women. Even though Jetsetter might make their target audience give this game a try, it just tries too hard by using some austerity measures that could have been avoided. We’ve had enough of those in real life, we don’t need them in our video games, especially if they are designed to send us into a world we most likely will never see.