Jet Set Radio

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jet set radio

Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Jet Set Radio is a old Sega Dreamcast game. This game is like Tony Hawk meets anime. The story is OK, but the graphics, soundtrack and the gameplay are great. This game came out in 2000. Not bad for a game at that time. I thought it was going look like Fear Effect, but I was wrong. The graphics look more like Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker meets Dragon Ball Z Buduokai 3. The characters look DBZ characters and the landscape looks like Wind Waker. This one of the first Cel-Shaded games that were ever made. If wasn’t for Jet Set Radio, We wouldn’t have DBZ games looking as today.

The story is about these teenage kids spray painting walls like crazy, but the cops are trying to kill them. I don’t why cops are trying to kill these kids. There just teenagers. Bad enough cops are shooting people today for no reason! If I was cop in this game, I would give them a ticket, not kill them. They don’t have Ak-47’s or RPGs, but these cops are sending out tanks, SWAT team, military, or anything that take them down. These teenagers are listening to a pirate radio station. They call it Jet Set Radio in Tokyo-yo. That is what takes place in this game. Tokyo-yo is Tokyo. The gameplay in this game runs like Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, but this is even more difficult than Pro Skater series. I had a few angry moments with this game. I try to skate on walls and spray paint the walls at the same time, and I tried to run away from the cops, and still stay alive, but cops keep on killing me.

The soundtrack in the game is great and fun. I love the soundtrack more than the game. The game more a pain, but the soundtrack will stick your head all day. The soundtrack in game is great, but Ridge Racer is better. Most of the songs are from the late 90’s. This game is great and fun to play. I got the Dreamcast version. It call Jet Grind Radio on Dreamcast. This game for Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, PS3, PS Vita, and XBOX 360. The PS3 and XBOX 360 are downloadable only, not on disc. I don’t know if the PS Vita is downloadable. The Game Boy Advance is different from the console and PS Vita version.
If you want to play a skating game, this is game you should play. It is hard to find the Dreamcast version, but I was lucky to find one. I didn’t play the PS3 version, but I heard the PS3 version is a little bit easier than the Dreamcast version. I own the Dreamcast and it is hard. There is another game of the series, and it only for XBOX original not 360. I wish SEGA put out a third game of the series because this game is fun, but the problem is that they need to find better music to shout the game. Today’s music sound really boring as hell. If you looking for skating game, this game you should play.