Jet Set Go

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Jet Set Go is most definitely not the typical time management game. You start off with a colleague, April, and together you run a small travel agency out of Montreal. With only two destinations to start with, you soon are helping tourists go through brochures, picking their dream vacations, booking hotels and flights. This game not only takes you out of the brink and mortar business office, you join your tourists in whatever place they go to. Start with the Mayan Riviera, serving frosty drinks in coconut shells and evening out tans. Go on to night dinner cruises around Manhattan Island. The more successful the agency becomes, the more places you can take your tourists. The cash flow comes from the office, setting up the trips, and goes directly into business upgrades. The more stars you earn, the closer you coming to opening a new office, and going to even more exotic locales. With many of us not able to travel these days due to lackocash, or too much security at travel depots that make it not worth the while, you can kick back with Jet Set Go and see things from the other side. If you can’t get enough of seeing the “glamourous” life of being a travel agent, then try watching My Life In Ruins, as well.