Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Jessica is back home on vacation after doing the daily grind in the big city. She hears her mother and aunt discussing how Aunt Margaret’s old bakery is becoming a bit old-fashioned, and they need some new ideas to bring life back into the business. The big light bulb goes on over Jessica’s head, and now she is running the old bakery with a sweet and sassy new item. Jessica’s focus is cupcakes. Sold individually, three or four at a time, or even by the dozen. They come in all kinds of flavours and are frosted with more variations, and can even be decorated with custom-made candies.

From bland old vanilla to decadent dark chocolate to a spicy, healthy carrot cupcake, the variations never end. The flavours you make can be set by the game or you can chose the cakes you want to display at the beginning of each level. There are also drinks to serve up, like organic milk and espresso, just about anything that washed down such a lovely and sweet treat. Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe is purely a time management game, with upgrades along the way to help you make cupcakes faster and make your customers more patient. This is one game that might make you eyes water from trying to keep up with your little bakery avatar as she runs around the kitchen, blending up cupcakes, frostings, and candy decorations. You might have run across other time management games similar to this if you are a fan of the genre. It really is not all that different from the others, but there is a plus in that you can customise the items you will make in each new level. This gives Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe a little boost in the Fun Factor rating, but other than than, this little bakery sim is pretty much dead average, although you may find yourself wanting to head to the kitchen or store for something cake-y after playing it for awhile.