Jak II

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Jak 2
Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Jak II is similar to GTA, but Jak is the good guy in this one. Jak and his friends are using some kind a portal that transports them to the future. This didn’t turn out right. When Jak arrived in the future, he got arrested, even though he did nothing wrong. Two years later, Baron Praxis use Jak as a experiment. Praxis is like the people up in Washington D.C. who didn’t give a damn. He want sacrifices and war. He is like Rick Santorum. He pumped some dark ego into Jak. Now, Jak has turned into a Dark Warrior. Daxter came to help Jak to escape from the the baron’s prison. They did escape from the prison. Now, Jak and Daxter are helping out the people of Haven City, defeat Beron Praxis, and defeat the metal head army. Could he save the people of Haven City? Find out when you are playing Jak II!

Jak can be like any one in this game. He can be like a pro skater like Tony Hawk, a tomb digger like Lara Croft, and he can drive like CJ from GTA: San Andreas. So, he can steal flying cars, ride on a flying skateboard, and he can explore the dead. The game is more fun and funny. This is like the teen age version of GTA, but you are fighting for the good. In this game, you get a gun. Jak’s gun is like Judge Dredd’s gun. Jak gun can turn into a rifle, a shotgun, a machine gun, and a blaster. The shotgun take the red ammo, rifle takes yellow ammo, machine gun takes blue ammo, and the blaster takes purple ammo.

The graphics are really great then the first game. There are a few problems in this game. The problems are the camera will sometimes will not follow you, the driving, and the skateboarding. The first game had some pretty good graphics, but this one has better than first Jak and Daxter game. This one is pretty good game, but I think the first game was better. The first game took me a long time to beat, but this game is short. The reason why this game is short because I beat this game in 10 hours. The game had 20 hours of gametime. If you like the first game, you will like this one too. This is a good game to play though. If you played the first Jak and Daxter, you will like Jak II.