It was God’s Plan, Right…

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I don’t normally comment on what is in the news but this I could not just let slip by. In an interview with reporters George Zimmerman said that it was God’s plan for what had happened that night. More stuff has happened in this world in the name of GOD when it comes to hate and crime. You don’t hear that when people are saved, you don’t hear that when people win the lotto, you don’t hear that when a person swerves and misses a dear so why in all the names of the gods and goddesses do we hear it said for crap like this. If you are following a person at night or out of watch and someone in the shadows spooks you or attacks you how in the hell is that the plan of some god? Get real, it was your own hand that pulled the trigger and not that of some god. It was you that was the person to pull the gun out of your pocket and not some god that you can blame. It was your actions and not that of some god that caused the problem and that of the other person that was involved.

When a town is saved it might be because of the gods and usually with lots of help from the community. Community often sets the hands of the gods in motion. They like it when we decide to help one another and will often reward those that do with a swift resolution to what ever the current problem is. That is when you say it was God’s plan, not when you have killed someone, not when you have just hit another car or anything that causes harm to another person. It is never the plan of the gods or goddesses to cause harm to another person. Claiming such is just as bad as being a murderer, rapist, bigot or other hateful retarded (no offence to those with mental disorders) person with no reverence for themselves or the lives of others.

While true that Zimmerman can claim that god might have saved him that night I don’t feel that he can say that it is god’s will that he would be there to do the interview and not the teen that he shot to death. Whether guilty or innocent, he still shot the teen dead and to cause the death of another is never a divine plan. It could be divine that someone lived but never because someone killed another person. While there might be good reason to end a life, it is never divine and should never ever be called “God’s Plan” that harm has come to another person on this planet. Many and too many religions have used that for hate and war throughout history and I can not fathom why people are so ignorant today to still be spouting that sewer and sludge in this day and age. No wonder people are leaven many of the faiths left and right, they can’t stomach the vomit that is being spouted from the pulpit.

George, get your head out of your rear end and be thankful that you are alive but don’t ever again say that it was god’s plan that you were to shoot and kill someone else.