Is our food actually safe to eat?

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As some of you know I have personally started having a sensitivity to corn. I have no way to find out if it is due to GMO ingredients or if it is just corn in general. The reason why I can’t find out is that I have no way of knowing if a particular ear of corn has been genetically modified or not. Because of this I have to be extremely careful in what I buy and what I eat. Some might not think that this is a hard thing to do but in fact it really is. To prove this, the next time you go shopping, look at the ingredients on the label and you will find corn in most everything that you look at, even the meat. Here is a link to an incomplete list of what is a corn substance: Corn Ingredients To Avoid (The page I wanted to link to was not available at the time of this article but the link is on the page that this article links to)

Now knowing this I decided to buy some cookies, actually my wife Rho/Snowfoxx bout them for me. I had them in the past, Back To Nature 100% Natural Peanut Butter Crème Cookies, they honestly taste almost identical to Girl Scout Cookies Oatmeal Cookies with Peanut Butter Filling called Do-si-dos. I loved them when I was a kid but now days they are just too expensive to buy. You can get more buying the Back To Nature cookies then spending the money for the Scout cookies. I know the money goes to more then just the cost of the cookie but in today’s economy you are always looking to cut cost in your food shopping. Anyway, I was so thrilled to have them that I started to open them right away and stopped as I read the ingredients. Everything was fine till I hit “Natural Flavor”. What exactly was it and what was it made of.

Not knowing where to start I looked on line to find out what “Natural Flavor” really was. There is tones of information out there on it but they never really tell you exactly what is in the stuff that is so NATURAL. NBC News and Today Foods did and article on it about what it is. If you want to read it then go to Today Food and read it yourself. The point is that no where could you find exactly what was in it and I wasn’t going to eat it till I knew exactly what was in it. I have had corn allergy reactions too many times when corn was snuck into an ingredient or item. I was not going to have that happen to me again.

Since I could not find the information that I needed online or even at the companies website my wife and I decided to send them a message asking them what was really in Natural Flavor. Here is the message that we sent to them through their website about allergy information:

Does Back to nature use any kind of corn in its natural flavor? I had purchased the Peanut Butter Crème cookies, and also noticed that salt was listed as an ingredient with the peanut butter. Is this plain salt or iodized salt?

Short and sweet, asking if the salt was iodized, since many companies use dextrose to bind the iodine (imagine, corn sugar in your salt), and what was in Natural Flavor. We wanted to make sure there was no corn oil in there someplace that would give me problems. Hells, I can’t even eat canned tuna because they use vegetable broth that was made with corn in it. I so miss tuna salad and tuna melts and finding fresh tuna that is packed in CO2 is hard to find. Anyway, here is the message that they sent back to us:

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Subject: Re: Your Comment/Question Case ID: 24358840

Hi Rhonda,

Thank you for visiting

I appreciate your inquiry. It is difficult to make specific statements on whether a particular product should be consumed by an individual because degrees of sensitivity can vary from person to person.

When listed in the ingredient statement, “modified food starch”, or “food starch” may contain corn, potato or tapioca starch.

If a Mondelez product has food starch from an allergenic source such as wheat, the source will always be identified, such as wheat starch.

Please be aware that formulations may change and the best source of information is the ingredient statement. We ask that our consumers take the time to check the ingredient statement prior to purchasing a product.

It is not always possible for us to say definitely whether corn is present in minor product ingredients.

This is because many of our ingredient suppliers consider these recipes for their products proprietary and, since these substances constitute such a small percentage of the product content overall and do not provide any function in the product, they are not required to be listed on the product label.

In addition, corn sensitive people may want to check ingredients that MIGHT contain corn.

As to your question about salt, we are not permitted to use iodized salt in processed foods, so I can confirm that it isn’t present in any of our products.

If you haven’t done so already, please add our site to your favorites and visit us again soon!

Adele Stapley
Operations Manager

Huh? not always possible for us to say definitely whether corn is present? Don’t they know what is in their own food? any of our ingredient suppliers consider these recipes for their products proprietary!?!?!? So you can’t tell us what is in your food because another company has a patent on the product? Then why in all the nine hells in in all the names of the gods and goddesses in the universe are you using it? They could be selling you sewage and just calling it natural flavor because it came out of a natural but! How in the hell am I supposed to know what I can eat if you don’t tell me what is in it? If you want me to buy a product you damned well better be telling me what is in it!

So, is our food really safe to eat? Can we really trust what the label says? Can you imagine what would happen to us all if all the rules and regulations that ARE enforced by the FDA just went by the wayside? Some say that the FDA is hurting businesses, I say that it is keeping businesses from hurting us! They just are not doing enough of it!

I challenge ever food company to label your foods in a way so that we, the consumer, are able to make an informed decision on what to buy. Maybe that is the real reason you don’t say EXACTLY what is in your food because you know that if you did we just would not buy it. If that is the case then you shouldn’t even be making it at all.

Comment! I dare you to!