Irish Jam

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A film that didn’t get enough attention as it deserved was Irish Jam. It is a funny film with lots of laughs, mismatched loves and a new love of Ireland, even if it was filmed in Cornwall. This film will have you wanting to be a bit green with Irish even if you don’t want to be. The town of Ballywood, Ireland is about to be repossessed and the community needs to find some help. The only place that isn’t mortgaged is that of the local pup, Finnigan’s. Its their ace in the hole, maybe their only way out, it is something that they can actually use. With the pup as backing they have ads posted in news papers in the United States for a contest. Send a poem and 5 dollars to Ballywood and have a chance to win a authentic Irish Pub. Actually a sound strategy when you have not other choice to save a town.

Jimmy McDevitt (Eddie Griffin) is an out of work and out of money person of color. He is doesn’t everything that he can think of to make a buck. Dancing on the California beach, selling oregano as weed and anything else that he can think of but it just is never enough. He even tried to get married to fix his money problems but ran away leaving his bride at the alter. It takes him being thrown out of his apartment and his belongings scattered to the wind before he can find a way to fix his life. It is a news paper page hitting him in the face that gives him the way to make his dreams come true, not the way he thinks or want, but his dreams will come true. It is the ad on the page, the one that the Irish town made that sets things in motion. It is the one thing that is going to change his life forever.

Back in Ballywood the evil Lord Hailstock (Kevin R. McNally) is working on even more schemes to milk everyone of their money. He wants to build a theme park, Lepracan Land but the property he needs is where the town is and he owns the lean on the entire land, except for Finnigan’s Pub. He will do just about anything to get it and force the town to leave to make his own pot of gold. The one main problem though is that the land for the park is not fit to be build upon as it is a peat bog and anything built on it will just sink into the ground. Lord Hailstock doesn’t care and will just find a way to get the money he wants no matter what.

Maureen Duffy (Anna Friel) is a widow raising her only daughter Kathleen (Tallulah Pitt-Brown) and runs the pup, or at least it seems that way. Everyone in the town knows she is a pistol and gets out of her way when ever her ire is up. Everyone that is except Father Duffy (Tom Georgeson), he is always there to keep her from getting into too much trouble. You can tell that it is the Duffy’s that rule the town even though Lord Hailstock might own the land. Maureen and her family as well as the rest of the people love their town and they want to make sure that it stays their town. It shows just how a community should pull together to get something done and how they care for each other. It is something that we can all be reminded of now and then as it would make all our lives better and not just the rich.

Jimmy is not what the town was hoping for or even expecting but he was chosen but the touched hands of Kathleen. The whole town loves her and keeps her safe ever since she quit talking and her father died. She is part of the glue that holds the town together, except those loyal to the corrupt land owner. With her choice made the town waits for the arrival of Jimmy, he has an Irish name and their town angel chose him so everything must be going to be alright. As they wait for him to get off the boat they get the shock of their lives, he is black. Not just black but bling bling black with a speech pattern that they can hardly comprehend. The man before them is nothing like the letter that he sent to them.

It is through the many misadventure that he has with the pup and in trying to make everyone like him that Jimmy and Maureen start to fall in love. This reviewer thinks it is in part because of Kathleen as she too is smitten in a different way with Jimmy the Jam man. He is so likable that he even is able to get help from even the enemy to save the town but you are going to have to watch the movie to see just how that happens. This is one of thsoe films that even though it is hard to find it is worth looking for to have a copy of your own. This is truly a fun film that the whole family can enjoy.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆