Interesting Phone Call Today

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Interesting phone call today right as I was preparing for a review for you all. I was contacted by a SEO company to have my purchase from them a gorilla marketing package from them. They told me that in exchange for $79 they would rewrite my title and meta tags, submit my site to the major search engines of Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and other websites to give my site more exposure. For any that have found this site you know that we have exposure in all of those search engines and they said that up to 100 more websites they would submit to. Some of those sites use the indexes of the others for their search results. How interesting of them to suggest that they would do this for me when that is what I have done and still do to make sure that you know when there are updates on the site.

Another interesting thing that they wanted to sell me on, as they assumed that everything here was auto generated, was that they would give me 60 minutes a month to consult with a search engine specialist on how to make sure that this site has unique and not auto generated content on this site. Come on, does this look like auto generated content?Does anything on this site look like it is auto generated? Heck, they thought that because of one of the ads that was on the site was for Infinity that we were somehow a website trying to sell Infinity services. They even said that the name of my site and the keywords were confusing to potential customers. What? Our title doesn’t say exactly what the website is for? Get real!

I have had many people try to sell me SEO services over the years but I think this was the first time that they were so insistent and they were a little bit condescending when I told them that I was doing everything that they were suggesting that they could do for me. I don’t think they even took the time to even look at what was being shown on the website but just come to it because I submitted the site for review and inclusion within an index. They even had the gall to suggest and imply that I must not care about the site for not wanting to purchase their services.

When I began asking specific questions on how they were going to get more traffic to the website and what guarantees do they give on how to do it they got offended with me. Now they might come here and refute this, I don’t care, that I why I have a comment section on each and every post that is on this website. If they have something to say or if anyone has something to say all they need do is write a comment. True spam is not going to be allowed in and if you don’t use the captcha you wont get your comment in but we don’t just block you from voicing your opinions. This wouldn’t be that good of a blog if we did that.

I do know that the only times I get these kinds of calls is when I either get a top page ranking for a keyword that a company is monitoring or if I have submitted to a index that is also selling SEO services. I don’t do black hat or gray hat tactics in the promotion of my site, which reminds me. They also said that they would set up a facebook page for the site. Did they even look at where the RSS feed button is? There is a link right there to the sites facebook page. They also said that a Twitter page and a Google page would be setup for the site. Again, did they even look at the site to see if that information was already there? Anyone that comes to the site can plainly see that we have that already available.

You know, with that call I felt I already had a new car and they were trying to sell me the same kind of new car but it had a ribbon on the antenna just to make it look different. Come on, get a clue, I have been making websites since 1996 and promoting them as well. Just because I start getting some good showing in the search engines or just because I use a bit of advertising doesn’t mean I want to all the sudden pay someone to do what I have already been doing. I am not Mitt Romney and this site is not Bain Capitol. I don’t outsource what I am already doing.