Incredible Express

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

When this title was first seen this reviewer thought it would be great to play since all of the train games that I have are full of stuff I don’t want on my computer. The screen shots that was seen were also quite interesting and fun to look at. So I gave the game a try. and at first it really was fun and then the time management kicked in and it started to quickly become a nightmare to manage.

The premise of the game is that you have inherited a run down locomotive and you are going to get it up and running and start using it to make money. You have to lay track between the suppliers and the customers so that you can get the goods to market, so to speak. The first level is just an out and back run and lets you see how some of the functions work. At fist you might think that the game will be a breeze but keep in mind that at first you can only use 2 cars with your locomotive. When you have orders that you HAVE TO fill that gets really troublesome. As you go along you can upgrade to a more powerful loco but it never seems to be enough.

Now for the really frustrating parts of the game, the time management and the actual routing of the train. As you lay tracks you have section that allow multiple connects to it. Those wind up being switches and some even have lights that act as a mini switch or rather like an on and off switch. If the light is green you can use the track, if it is read you can’t go that way. Again, simple in concept but when you have track laid all over the map, cows falling out of the sky and plane dropped deliveries that you have to turn into train cars you quickly wish that things were either bigger so you could click on thins to that the map was smaller so you don’t have to manage as much.

The thing about the switches is that you have to click on the tracks so that you get a good green line or way for the train to go, miss a switch and the train is not able to go anywhere. I had one map where I had to have 6 switches lined up just to get the train to the station and one of the switch tracks was hard to see so I kept turning the wrong track off. With cows and moose piling up, by the way if you train hits one your train is wrecked, you are scrambling to get everything going the right way before the train actually gets there. Also there are many times that you have to click the train itself to make it go faster, for some reason the engineer keeps slowing the train down.

So, at first the game Incredible Express is fun, then the game becomes a puzzle, almost like Rocket Mania, but not as fun. Then the game turns into a nightmare of floating cows, wandering moose and plains cropping goods from the sky that you have to turn into train cars before they just fade away. If you love to tear your hair out you will love this one but if you just want to play and have fun then this is never going to be the game for you, no matter how child like and cute the graphics might be.