Incarnations of Immortality – Wielding A Red Sword

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The forth book in the Incarnations of Immortality series written by Piers Anthony takes us into the depths of India and the conflict that is going on between Satan and Mars, the Incarnation of War. The current Incarnation has to go and another found to take his place and you know Satan is going to make sure that both happen and that the replacement will be easy for him to control. Satan needs souls and to be able to do as he wishes on Earth so that he can gather as many corrupt souls as possible. The current Mars is not going to just let him do it so to get rid of him Satan has to get rid of war all together. Not a simple task, not even for Satan. He will have to bribe many politicians and grant favors to even the best of humanity to see that it is accomplished. This might look like Satan is doing a favor for humanity but is in fact doing the opposite.

When there is no war or conflict on Earth and the Worlds nations and people are at peace there is no reason to have the Incarnation of War. If all of it just stops then Mars the Incarnation of War will simple cease to exist in office and go to either Heaven or Hell according to the weight that might be on his soul. Since that is the only way to get back at the Incarnation that is what Satan is going to do. He is not happy at all that Mars interfered with Satan tricking Fate so another Mars needs to be put in place. One that is malleable and willing to do what Satan wants and the person that he has his eye on is a young prince in India that wants nothing more then to be free of his family, to be able to live his own life and to be able to love who he wants, when he wants. There are so many wants and needs right there that Satan will be able to handle him, at least that is what Satan thinks.

Pride of the Kingdom has a problem, a problem that his father thinks is a curse and a detriment on the family. If his father would have known that he would be born the way he was he would never have been named Pride of the Kingdom. To have that name is ironic to say the least as the prince is a stutterer and a shame upon his family. He knows he is not wanted and he is going to give his family what it wishes and run away to get away from them. To be able to be himself and it is his one family gift that is going to help him get it, a ring of a snake that can guide him if he asks the right question. Right now the ring is leading him to a circus, the man is actually running away to the circus. One can only wonder what lays in wait for him there. If he is not careful he will have three women pining over him.

War is tired of fighting and lets Satan have his way by letting all the wars on Earth stop. It is his retirement and he knows where he is to go afterwards and is looking forward to it. When all wars stop Satan makes sure that a new conflict starts where he wants it, where he can control who will be the next Mars. He knows one person that will show both the anger, wrath, training and a desire for vengeance that if given the right push will drawn the Red Sword of War to him. That person is Mym, a nickname that was given to Pride by Orb, the first woman who he ever loved. It is a name that is dear to him and the one that he keeps knowing that Pride is such a misnomer for him. Satan has tricked his family, himself and 2 other kingdoms and messed things up so much that Mym goes into a rage. Not any type of rage for you see Mym is a berserker, one who when tastes blood will go into a killing rage. Most like him have no control but through years of training he has turned this into an asset, an ace in the hole and can come out of it when he wants, not just when the rage leaves him. It is this rage that draws the Sword to him and confirms upon him the title of Mars, the Incarnation of War.

This is a fast moving book that has plenty of twists and turns in it to keep you guessing right until the end. You are not just lead by the nose through this tale but you are engaged in it, wondering what will happen next, actually rooting for the characters in the book. Piers Anthony definitely knows how to keep a reader entertained and wanting more, that is what makes his series books so fascinating and fun to read. So if you want to see just how bad ass War can be then you need to read Wielding a Red Sword by Piers Anthony