In The Name Of The King A Dungeon Siege Tale

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The unrated director’s cut of this film on Blu-Ray is done quite well and can be enjoyed by all that love fantasy films. I will say that I have never played the game Dungeon Siege but this film makes me want to play it and maybe that is the point. The film instills in the viewers a desire to see and experience more of what is seen in the film. Will I be disappointed when I play the game? Maybe, but one will never know till they do play it. For those that don’t care to play the game they will still have fun with this film. You have mindless beasts coming to life, sorcerers and magi battling each other and armies clashing over the lands that they live on. This film has everything that makes fantasy films so much fun to watch. You are able to feel the passion of the characters and don’t really care if it looks real or not. About the only thing that doesn’t look real are the gnoll type orkish things that are supposed to be mindless beasts. Well you could count the dryads as well if that is what they really are but do we guys even care when they are hanging out of trees with very little covering their skin? Really, that is what fantasy is for, FANTASY!

Farmer (Jason Statham) is a simple man with a simple hard life that he loves. He has a wife, a son and a farm to raise turnips on. All he wants is to be left alone and care for the family he loves, even if he wont say that he loves them. Everyone knows how he feels about his kin but Solana (Claire Forlani), his wife wants him to say it if only for once. Zeph (Colin Ford) doesn’t care just as long as he gets to spend as much time with his father as possible. All three are very happy together and are constantly visited by their neighbor Norick (Ron Perlman) that brought Farmer to Stonebridge when he was but a child, an orphan that he found after a battle. Norick is the closest thing Farmer has to a father and is his best friend as well. They couldn’t be happier. On the other side of the kingdom things are not going as well. The Kings Magus Merick (John Rhys-Davies) is in a feud with another magician Gallian (Ray Liotta) who wants only to bend magic to his own will and for his own will and not for the benefit of others. To make maters worse Gallian has been seducing Muriella (Leelee Sobieski), Merick daughter in an attempt to steal away her powers that are awakening unknown to her father. This is just a disaster waiting to happen.

King Konreid (Burt Reynolds) of Ehb is old and tired. He wants the kingdom to be totally at peace but there are rumors that the Krug, mindless humanoid beasts that are normally docile, are amassing in the north and have started attacking settlements and villages. Since the death of his wife and the loss of his son over 12 years ago he has not been a very happy person, especially with the way the laws of the land are. According to the laws of Ehb only an heir of royal blood can inherit the throne and the only one he has is that of his nephew Duke Fallow (Matthew Lillard). He is constantly drunk, a womanizer and lords over everyone his position as heir to the throne. You can see it in the kings face that he wishes anyone else could have been related to him instead of what he feels is the most useless person in the whole kingdom. Little does the king know just how devious his nephew really is.

You might wonder how the two areas, Castle Ehb and Stonebridge could be related. Both are going to be attacked with no warning and it is going to throw both the Farmer and the King into a battle to not only save their families but to save a kingdom as well. The film moves rather fast even for the epic length of the film. This is high fantasy and will keep you well entertained all the way to the end. There really is only 2 parts of the film that did not blend well but work in a fantasy setting. The Krug were too stiff, too made up you could say and the tree women were too clean-cut and clothing to precise to be living in the treetops of a forest. If they were really trying to blend in and control the vines they really should look more like dryads then 2nd rate cos-play players at some convention. If you ignore these two points you are going to have a really good time with this film. If it is not as much like the game I don’t know what to tell you but the film on its own is rather good and entertaining.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆