In Shade and Shadow: A Novel of the Noble Dead

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This is the first book in the second series of the Noble Dead saga by Barb Hendee and J. C. Hendee. In the book we start a few seasons after the end of Child Of A Dead God where the trio Wynn Hygeorth, Magiere, Leesil as well as Chap an elemental Fay born into the body of a majay-hì, elven hounds of a wolf lineage. That is not the story of this book but what they carried across the sea to Wynn’s home content is, the manuscripts that they took from the ancient undead library. This book weaves a tale of deception, belittlement and courage. We see a young sage grow up, renew old friendships out of necesity as well as forge new ones to get at the truth of what is really going on around young miss Wynn Hygeorth.

Wynn has ben stuck doing nothing at all but trying to understand her mantic sight that is still with her even after Chap had tried to remove it from her. Lately she has been gaoining better control of it and has started experimenting on how to see the other forms of the Fay. It is something that she has been forbidden to do and since they wont let her do anything she experiments anyway. The only one at the first castle of Calm Seatt, home of the Guild of Sagecraft, who will teach her anything is that of Domin Ghassan il’Sänke. He is also the only master of the order that is willing to help her as well. He is making for her a special crystal, a sun crysatl, that when ignighted will give off the rays of the sun. The same rays that can and will turn a Noble Dead to dust. Only those who have survived from the forgotten times are immune to sun’s touch but it is all that she has. She knows vampires are going to be coming after her and she wants to be ready.

Magiere and Leesil are no help this time for her as they have went off on their own to keep secret the anchient orb that they got from the castle high in the mountains. The same castle where she found the store of anchient manuscripts that she brought back to the guild for translation and study. It is those same texts that she is being kept from. Ever since she told them all that she experienced she had the text and even her personal journals taken from her. To make maters worse they are all treating her as if she is an addled child that needs to be kept close for her own good. All this is doing is making her want to look at the texts even more. When she finds out what has really happened to them she is not going to be happy.

Chane Andraso is a vampire that has never really cared for his existance. The only thing he really ever cared about is that of knoledge and study and the only one he has ever cared for was that of Wynn. He would never hurt her or anyone in the sagely crafts as he sees them as having value. He sees anyone contributing to the persute of knoldge as useful and not to ever be used for food. He can find no purpose to his existance in Bela and is just going through the motions untill he hears the hunting wail of a majay-hì. That sound sends shivers through him but he knows that Chap is no where around as he went with Wynn when she left to go over the sea. Curiosity gets the better of him and tracks the wolf to the docks. There he sees the animal stow away on a ship bound for the distant shores where Wynn went. Wanting to know more and to see Wynn again he finds passage on the same ship.

The majay-hì is actually the daughter of Chap and Lilly who we first meet in Rebel Fay and see again in Child of a Dead God. It is the love between the Fay born Chap and Lilly that a litter of puppies are born. Among them one was chosen, one of a dark sute and smoke collored fur that was to follow Wynn when it was old enough. Once it reached a year of age it was shown images, memories that were given to Lilly so that it could better communicate with Wynn when she found her. She was even shown what her name was to be and to tell that name to Wynn, the name Shade.

While true the first half of the book runs a bit slow it is all needed in the telling and can quickly pull you into the story till you notice that hours have gone by. Once you get hooked after the prologue and half of the first chapter you are just not going to want to put the book down. Once I got that far the only thing that made me stop was the need to go to sleep but as soon as I awoke I was reading it again and didn’t stop till I got to the end. You are going to love the ending and be frustraited at the same time if you don’t have the next book sitting there to be read next. As it is a series one story or book is going to lead on into the next so be prepared to wait for the next one if you don’t have it already.