Immortals (2011) The Gods Need a Hero

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If you love Greek Mythology and want to see a film about it a la 300 style then you will love this film. If you hated 300 with a passion you MIGHT be able to tolerate this film. Just like 300, by the way this film was done by the same person that did 300, this film is all in black and gold as it it would make the story any better. What is wrong with having some color in a film? If I wanted all black and gold I would watch some old classic 50’s or 60’s film on Greek Mythology and frankly, it would be a better film. If I want to see stop motion photography I would watch a classic film that actually used it instead of a computer enhanced version.

Some people go absolutely nuts for a film like this but while it might be entertaining for the first viewing it really doesn’t have any replay value at all. I think the actors in this film should ask for their salaries again just so they can compensate for all the film opportunities they are going to miss out on for doing this film. I feel that the producer of 300, Mark Canton, should go back to art school or something and learn that you can use more colors in a film. I feel sorry for the directors that have to put up with all him slow motion monochrome antics. Get a clue Mark. By the way Mark was also the producer for Piranha 3D, ’nuff said!

Ok, now that I have reamed the producer of the film and showed you how rotten it was lets look at the good points, cinematography aside. The story is about Theseus (Henry Cavill) and his struggles against the tyrannical King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke). Hyperion wants to be immortal and believes that if he is able to release the Titans that he will be able to have that. He also wants to be the one who repopulates the world by having impregnating all the women that he can. To make sure that it is his seed and not other men’s that do the impregnating he has their testacies smashed with a rather large hammer with a head that looks to be at least 10 inches in diameter. His soldiers willingly do this so that they can fight without fear as they really do have nothing to live for except battle and death.

Theseus has no father or at least no father that he can identify. His mother Aethra (Anne Day-Jones) was raped and Theseus was the offspring of that. Because she was raped she is considered a whore and harlot and no one likes her much because of that. The only one that seems to look after Aethra and her son is that of Old Man (John Hurt), that is what the villagers call him. We never know the actual name of the village but know that it is 2 days from Mount Tartarus, where the Titans are bound and imprisoned. The reason Old Man looks after them is that he sees something rather good in Theseus soul and know that he will one day save the gods as well as all mankind. You see Old Man is actually Zeus (Luke Evans) in disguise.

As you can see the story line is actually good but it is the filming and the way that it is presented that is the problem. As you watch the film you can see that it is being shown as it it were a fresco with the way that everything is being framed. While the concept is interesting I kept reaching for the remote to try and adjust the color so that it would really come alive. I have to wonder if the producer ever heard of the colors of green and blue because there was very little of it in the movie at all. The only reason I was able to enjoy the film was the fact that I like Greek Mythology and the stories that it has to offer of the Gods and their heroes for both man and deity.

I liked the story but not the film. I leave the rest for you to decide if you will enjoy it or not but I know I wont be watching it for a second time.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★☆☆☆☆