Igor (2008)

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A truly funny family film with just a touch of sadness to warm your heart. This film directed by Anthony Leondis is about a hunchback forced to be an Igor for an evil mad scientist named Dr. Glickenstein in the kingdom of Malaria. We get to see his life threw his own words as the story unfolds. To better understand the world he is living in here are some of the lines from the voice over as the movie starts.

… Here in the Kingdom of Malaria, every day’s forecast is rainy, with a 100% chance of horror! It wasn’t always like this, though. Years ago, Malaria was a sunny land of farmers, until the mysterious storm clouds rolled in …

It is always raining in Malaria so the whole kingdom holds the world ransom with evil inventions. Every year they have a contest to see whose invention is the most evil. The winner, usually the one that is left standing, is shown to the world. With the winning invention at the his disposal, the king of Malaria holds the world hostage. ff the nations of the world do not pay the king his ransom he promises to release the invention on the world to cause devastation and destruction. This is how the small barren kingdom has been able to survive.

There are 2 main types of citizens in the kingdom, the inventors or mad scientists and the Igors. The Igors are the ones that do the labor for all of the evil scientists and also the class of people that are the most mistreated. If an Igor is bad he is sent to the recycling center to be dismembered and used as parts in other scientists work. Hearing this you might think that this is the recipe for a horror film but in this case it is not. We never see anything dismembered except for a screwy rabbit that just can’t die. The rabbit is so sarcastic and bent on killing himself that he is actually one of the more lovable characters in the film. The rabbit will definitely make you laugh.

Another interesting character other then the monster is that of “Brian”, at least that is the name on the jar. This character’s name is actually supposed to be Brain but he misspelled his own name by transposing the letters. Everyone has been guilty of that at one time or another. He is an experiment of Igor’s that has a brain in a jar with one mechanical arm and wheels to get around with. Brain is totally clueless and rarely makes any sense what so ever but when he does it is both deep and moving. Then he goes back to being brain dead and you wonder what or who might have possessed him to give him that clarity at that one moment.

Igor, this one is a rather strange one. All Igors are supposed to be stupid and not have any real functional thoughts other then to serve their masters and when the occasion demands it they get to “Throw the switch” to activate their masters experiments. Our Igor is different, he is a genius and actually knows more then his master about what should be or should not be used in the contraptions that his master is building. He actually made Brain and Scamper the rabbit that wont die. If anyone found our about what he had done he would be sent to the Igor Recycling Center.

You would think that the leading lady of this film would be Jaclyn or Heidy but it is actually Eva, a creation that Igor builds to try and enter into the annual evil scientist competition. She is build by various bits of metal, body parts and a special components to make her into something really special. Igor is using his knowledge that he gained in making Scamper and Brain to make life itself in Eva.

As with any film and story of morals and values there is the evil Dr. Schadenfreude who wants to win as well. He will do anything to either sabotage the competition or to outright steal it for himself. Nothing about this guy is real, even his lab is fake but her sure does know how to scheme to get what he wants. Will he win this time? You will have to watch the movie to see. This is one film that the whole family will love and be able to watch together.

John Cusack is fantastic as the voice of Igor and brings a depth to the character that you might not think possible. John Cleese is voice of the stuck up all knowing and not listening Dr. Glickenstein, the master of Igor, our Igor for the film. He always does such wonderful Brittish humor in all of the roles that he plays. Scamper the death seeking and suicidal rabbit is voiced by Steve Buscemi. Steve seems to always get the crazy roles but his voice is so perfect for it. Eva is played by the one of the stars of In Living Color, Molly Shannon who seems to get the roles for the clueless women though we know she is a very talented and successful actress and comedian. The villainous Dr. Schadenfreude is played by Eddie Izzard who was also one of the villains in Mystery Men.

As you can see from the cast list alone this is going to be a great film. Other names that you might recognize in the film are that of Myleene Klass, Robin Walsh, Matt McKenna, Jess Harnell, Jennifer Coolidge, Jay Leno as the King as well as many others. This is a star packed animation that you will love to own as you watch it again and again.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★