I Spy: Spooky Mansion

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This was the first time I had played an I Spy game, and I was glad to see it was created by Scholastic, a book company I had grown up with and also the publishing house that brought the Harry Potter series to North America. I also was glad to see that this was not the only game in the series. I found it fun, but a little slow moving at first, considering that every time you found an object on the puzzle, some kind of cute music had to play before you could click on the next item. No speed bonuses in the HOM. There are other kinds of puzzles, though, and once you think you have the game won, your little Dias de Muertas skeleton friend will invite you back into the house for a whole new set of puzzles and challenges.

As with most casual games, you do have to enter your name into a space at the beginning, but that is usually so the game will save fore the correct player if there is more than one. This time, it takes the player’s name and makes it part of the puzzles, making for a more personalised game that kids will really like. If you kids like the I SPY books, then they are sure to like these games, if you can get them to settle down long enough to play them. It takes a patient child to handle the I SPY games, but if parents have been using these games to keep kids occupied on road trips for generations, imagine what having a continuous loop for varying I SPY puzzles can do on a laptop. It was one fun and challenging game, but the graphics and sound could be polished up and timed a little better. As for the concept itself, very high on the value score.