How To Make An Elegant Paper Box

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Ever have something that you really liked but didn’t have anything to store it in and everything you try to find is not the right size? This guide will show you how you can make your own elegant paper box that is just right for what you either want to display, keep safe or just store it in for later use. These boxes can be made for anything that you want and the beauty of this guide is that you can custom make each one. They never have to be a one size fits all with what you are wanting to do. The boxes themselves can even be a gift if you make it fancy enough or special enough to give. While a box can be made for almost anything the one shown here will most definitely be for small things like keepsakes or pens. Trying to use the steps that I give here would not be useful for something really large, this is all about style and elegance and not shipping.

Step 1: Gather your ingredients

You will need to gather together all the materials that you are going to need as well as the item or items that are going to be stored in the box. For this example I am using some pens and ink cartridges and a very small bottle of ink for the fountain pens. I am adding in the ink bottle to show how you can add in a separator inside the box to make sure that it stays in place.

As to the other items you will need some heavy paper or cardboard, a cereal box will do or the backing of a pad of paper. It just needs to be stiff and ridged, if it is not ridged enough the box will not hold up well. If all you have is thin stock you can always glue together a few pieces so that it will be more ridged. If you do glue together more then one piece make sure that you roll out any air bubbles that might be between them to make sure that what you make will stay together, especially when cutting. You will need the actually cutting tools which can be a pair of scissors and a craft knife, just make sure both are sharp.

For the fancy and elegant part of the box you will need some parchment paper, marbled paper or any other paper that you would want to cover your box with. Remember that if the material is too thin it will not take to the box well and not be smooth and will looked rushed. While you could use a decoupage effect on the box with tissue paper it will not look as nice as a box with a nice smooth finish that could be left plain or have an aplica glued to it or painted. In this example I will be using some parchment paper that can be drawn or painted upon for later decoration.

You will also need to have a fairly smooth surface to work on as well as some glue. In this guide I will be using some carpenters wood glue and a glue stick for the paper added to the box. You will also need some masking tape to be able to re-enforce corners or other seams that you might weaken when scoring the paper for proper folding.

I know that is a lot of information for step one of the project but you really do need to make sure everything is on hand before you start. If you don’t have it on hand it might take you a very long time to get it all done. While you can take your time and do something like this over several days it really is better to do it all at once so that you can enjoy what you have just made

Step 2: Make your measurements

After all of the items have been gathered together you need to figure out just how big your box is going to be. The easiest way to do this is to layout the items that are going into the box on a piece of paper. Doing it this way you can see just how much space it is that you are going to need for the box. As you can see from the example pictures I have places for different items so that they are in their own place.

now that you have the base of the box you need to measure how high it is going to be. The easiest way to do this is to layout the tallest item on its side and then draw how much space it is going to need in the box. You will notice that I still have not taken any exact measurements. Right now it is the spacing that is most important to me and not an actual number value.

As you can see from the thumb to the right all the measurements have been added so that it is known just how to layout the measurements on the materials that you will be working with. Remember to make sure that all the items that you are going to have in your box are going to fit. That is why all were laid out on the paper in the place that they are going to be.