Hostile Makeover

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

I was in for surprise when I learned that Hostile Makeover was a hidden object mystery created by Lifetime. Yes, it is a very girlie game, but it is still one great murder mystery. Set in Washington, D.C., it takes to many of the places in the Capitol that we might recognise from movies, and some we might not know, like night time hotspots or high fashion boutiques.

We are playing under the guise of fashion reporter Lacey, whom is covering a story about a photo shoot for a model that broke into the spotlight after winning on a reality TV makeover show. Amanda Manville is gunned down in a drive-by shooting in broad daylight, and now Lacey becomes detective in investigating the murder. There are many people that might have ad a motive, and many different ways some of Amanda’s friends and employees might have set the shooting up, or have been accomplices.

Interestingly, we get power-ups for Lacey by doing “retail therapy”. Yes we go shopping, and these outfits are not cheap, but we earn cash by hunting for clues and objects and each fully-decked outfit gives us new tools to use in the investigation. We question people that Amanda worked with, family members, and others she surrounded herself with that have skeletons in their own closets to deal with. If this had been a movie, I would really have liked to see it. If you like a really good mystery, but don’t want to be creeped or grossed out, then give Hostile Makeover a try. The puzzles might be a little difficult, so if you need glasses when working on the computer, remember to wear them.