Hoot (2006)

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A kids and family film that is fun to watch and might even get those same kids to think for a change. This award winning film is similar to after school specials that were once popular and kids would actually want to watch them. They always had a meaning or purpose or message that they wanted to convey to the viewers and Hoot is no different. The film, even though entertaining, is still about conservation and treating the land that we live on with respect and dignity. It also showcases just how greedy corporate America is and how they will do anything for money no matter who or what it hurts and no matter how many rules or laws they break in the process. The film shows that, I am not making that part up and kudos for the director (Wil Shriner) and writer of the novel (Carl Hiaasen ) showing that in the film. Even with the messages embedded into the film this is a wonderfully fun and beautiful film to watch as it takes place in some of the prettier places of Florida.

Roy Eberhardt (Logan Lerman) has just moved to Florida with his family from Montana. He was in love with the mountains and open spaces there and really didn’t want to have to move again. His father (Neil Flynn) works for the DEA and is always moving from place to place with his son and some what kookie wife (Kiersten Warren). In some ways the wife is more child like then the son in a fun sort of way and a very loveable and funny character for the scenes that she has. Roy hates all the moving from place to place, it always makes him the new kid no matter where he is. His parents tell him that it will just give him a chance to make new friends. Any kid that is the “New Kid” will tell you that it is not an easy thing to be and they are always the first ones to be picked on, just as this film shows.

Dana (Eric Phillips) is the school bully and immediately nicknames Roy, Cow Girl and starts to harass him and even chokes him. Roy being a police officer’s son acts on instinct and breaks Dana’s nose and runs off the bus after a kid he keeps seeing running but never sees them at school. He chases him all over town till he sees him run into a wooded area just the other side of a golf course. While trying to figure out where they went he is hit in the head with a golf ball and knocked unconscious and wakes up at home in bed with his father asking why he broke the nose of the kid on the bus. He explains what happened but as parents do, they think there is more to it and that he will need to apologize to Dana. His mom thinks its really funny when Roy asks his dad who will read the letter of apology to Dana. It really is a funny moment to see and will stick with you for a long time.

The kid that he was chasing is nicknamed Mullet Fingers (Cody Linley) who is the step brother of Beatrice (Brie Larson) the star soccer player in the school’s girl’s team and just about the only person that Dana is actually afraid of. She wants to keep Roy away from her brother and is trying to keep her brother out of sight so as not to have him sent back to military school. Something that is had to do since her brother is hell bent on saving a local population of Ground Burrowing Owls that is located on the future site of Mother Paula’s All-American Pancake House. Mother Paula, Kimberly is played by Jessica Cauffiel. It is a race to see if the three kids with the help of Mr. Ryan (Jimmy Buffett) and Delinko (Luke Wilson) can save the owls from being killed by the evil greedy corporate business man Muckle (Clark Gregg).

While the film is not spectacular it is great to see and fun to watch with all the music being supplied by Jimmy Buffett.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆