Home Made Baking Powder

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Recipes_From_The_Fridge-150x150Here is an easy recipe to be able to make baking powder. It is just three simple ingredients and taste so much better than the store bought. Personally I think that it works better as well.

The reason that I have started making my own baking powder is due to allergies. This recipe makes sure that the food products that I am sensitive to are not used in my diet. I will probably keep using this recipe even if they were to remove what I am sensitive to out of the store brand baking powders. This will also be a great recipe for those that are highly sensitive to corn products. Even if the recipe and ingredients below are unusable by them, they will be able to to use the recipe, just make sure that the ingredients are safe for them to use.

Home Made Baking PowderIngredients
1 tsp. Baking Soda (any brand that you are comfortable using)
2 tsp. Cream of Tartar (usually a byproduct of winemaking)
1 tsp. Starch (potato – rice – tapioca or other starch)

Measure of the ingredients and add them to a sealable jar. Once you have all the ingredients assembled just shake it all up. I find a couple minutes of shaking will insure that all are mixed fairly evenly. Once mixed, just store and use like regular baking powder.

This will keep almost indefinitely unless you get it wet, just like the store bought brands of baking powder. Its cheap to make and as long as you have the ingredients on hand you can make as much or as little as you need. 1/2/1 no matter how much you are making.

Happy baking and let us know what you used this in and how it turned out.