Last Holiday

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“Live everyday like it’s your last”, is something Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) never learned until she learned that her last days were upon her. Georgia is a shy woman of 30-something years. She’s a talented cook, got a good heart, a great voice for her church choir, and people adore her because she is so sweet. Because of her good nature, her employers tend to take advantage of her, and she desires to get out of her dead-end job as a cookware sales clerk at a department store in New Orleans. One thing that really keeps her there is her crush, Sean Matthews (LL Cool J), but she is too shy to approach him, and when she does, she usually ends up buying a BBQ grill. One day Sean gets up the nerve to ask her out, and comes to her department after she has done a demo. He says the smells from the cookware department make him a bit dizzy, and that he needs to check out what was going on.

Georgia gives him a sample of that day’s goodies, and hits her head on a cabinet door while looking for a spoon. Sean rushes her to the store clinic. Dr. Gupta does a Cat-Scan on her head, and finds three lesions there. He says she has a rare brain disorder called Lampington’s Disease, and after getting a second opinion, she learns she has only three weeks to live. She goes into a bit of a depression for a week, then comes to a realisation that she should throw caution to the wind after all these years and live out all her dreams. She takes all her saving out of the bank and heads to the Grand Hotel Pupp, in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic where she lives out her dreams, and unknowingly leaves some other ones back in New Orleans.

She meets the man who has caused her to be overly cautious at her job, the CEO of her store chain, Matthew Kragen (Timothy Hutton), the chef whom she aspires to be like, Didier (Gérard Depardieu) and other people she neverwould have had a social circle with if she had not gone on this Last Holiday vacation. Georgia once again wins over people with her sweet nature, but her refreshing confidence brought on by the fact that she will not have to deal with any consequences make her much more charismatic. This movie also reminds us that the Fates have a sense of humour, and sometime are very kind to those who deserve it, and not so kind to those who don’t.

Last Holiday is a fun sort of chick flick that the guys will like, too. These fun characters remind us how we need to just let go sometimes of all those things inside ourselves that hold us back from really telling people what we think or doing what we truly want to do. We should all strive by like the new Georgia, even if she is fiction.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆