Hitman: Contracts

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Hitman: Contracts wasn’t good as the second game was, but this a pretty good game to play. I don’t like the storyline in this game. 47 is dreaming about some former mission that he did in the past and some of these missions are in the first game as well. Those missions in the first game are much easier now than before. The storyline in this game is kind of boring. The last game wasn’t boring and much more fun than this game. The good things about this game are the graphics and gameplay.

The graphics look pretty good as before. Hitman 2 had some good graphics, but this game has better graphics and it runs at smoother than before. The gameplay runs the same from the second game. The first person view looks better than before. I can see my whole weapon this time. The soundtrack in this game put me to sleep. The Hitman 2 soundtrack never put me to sleep. This game is alright, but not as good as Hitman 2 was. This game is on the PS2 and PC. I never played the PC version, but it will probably look better than the PS2 version. The PC version isn’t at GOG.com. If you want to play it on the PC, you will look on eBay or Amazon. If you played the last game, you will maybe or maybe. For me, it is a OK game, but I don’t like it.