Hitman: Codename 47

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Hitman: Codename 47 is the first Hitman game, not the 4th game. My friends think this game is the 4th game. This game is only for the PC, not consoles. This game about a clone named 47. 47 is an assassin getting paid to kill people. Whenever you finish a mission, you will get paid. You can use that money to buy ammo, but not upgrade weapons. I wish I can upgrade weapons in this game. It would cool if they did. This game came out the same year when the PS2 came out. The graphics in this game are pretty good for a old game. I know it look like N64 game, but it looked good back then. If it was on the console, it would be on the N64. That’s just the way the graphics look.

The gameplay runs OK, but it does run little bit like Tomb Raider. The reason way because the controls are really a pain, but as much a pain as Tomb Raider is. It was hard for me play a game that you can walk and run. For me, I just run and I like using a stick instead of arrows keys. There are a few glitches and bugs, but there are not a big problem. The soundtrack of this game sounds like one of James Bond movies. I will give credit for that. This game is alright, but Hitman 2 better than this game. The reason way is the controls are easier and there are better weapons. At least I learn about the Hitman series this way.

If you never played the first Hitman game, you should play this game. This game is at GOG.com for $ 5.99. If you are planning to get it on disc, you will not need the disc. When you get disc of the game, you just install it on your computer and don’t need the disc at all. It will easier on GOG.com because it is hard to find the disc and it will be cheaper to get at GOG.com.