Hitman: Blood Money

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Hitman: Blood Money is a pretty good to play on the XBOX 360. The graphics look ten times better than the other Hitman game on the PS2. The graphics look almost like Bully on the XBOX 360. The XBOX 360 version looks better than the PS2 version. I played the PS2 version and it was alright but, the XBOX 360 version has bonuses. The game looks more clearer and looks smooth. The strippers on this game look like those girls from DOA. This girls looks sexy as hell, but I like DOA girls better than this game.

The gameplay runs alot different now. It runs like 007 Nightfire instead of Oblivion. The first person view is ten times better than it looked before. When you are in first person mode, it is like playing Quake II. Nightfire was like that, too. The third person, on the other head, I don’t care for it. I liked in first person view better. This game has better gameplay now. The soundtrack of this game is great. This one does bot put me to sleep like Contracts did. Which that game sucks.

The storyline in this game is pretty good but, not as good Hitman 2 is. This game is about this bad guys that want to kill 47. Now this time you can upgrade your weapon. You still can collect weapons, but you have to be louder to get those. You will get paid as well. It is like the first. That money is used to buy upgrades of your weapons and use it for armor and medicines. Yes, you can heal your self this time. I known the last 4 games don’t have medicines, but now you do. You can finally save any time you want. I know you can save 7 times, but now you can save a hundred times, if you want.

The missions in this game are more fun than Contracts ever were. Contracts has boring missions that put you to sleep. At the end of the game, you are going to hear some American politics. I know everyone is getting tired about it. Hitman: Blood Money is great, but there is one problem with this game. It is short. I beat this game for 7 hours. This game is on the XBOX 360, PS2, and PC. I never played the PC version but, I like the XBOX 360 version better. This game isn’t at GOG.com, but If you have a XBOX 360, you can get at Gamestop for $19.99 for XBOX 360. Hitman: Blood Money is pretty good, but it does not beat Hitman 2, but at least it beat Codename 47 and Contracts.