Hitman: Absolution

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

I finally got to play Hitman: Absolution and this game is better than the others. This game used the same gameplay from Kane & Lynch. I like this gameplay far better than other Hitman games. I played the first game on PC and the others on PS2, as so Blood Money on XBOX 360, as well.

When you are disguises as one of the guards, you are not being detected. The other sometime did detected you, but that now has been changed. When you are detected, you just put your hands up and knock out the guard when he gets to you. In this game, 47 has his own eagle vision. So, this game has little bit of Assassin’s Creed modes.

The storyline got me into in this game. This game is about 47 protecting a girl, Diana, and has to save her from scientists that did experiments on her. 47 made promise to Diana to protect her. She is worth lots of money. 47 trying to his best to protect her, but other people trying to kidnap her. The graphics in this game look really great.

In the past, the first game looked like an N64 game and the others looks like Morrowind, but accept Blood Money. Blood Money looked like Oblivion. The soundtrack is great. When I first play this game, I thought the graphics were going to look like Final Fantasy XIII, but I was wrong. This game is a Square Enix game. This game need to clear up some more. Yes, this game is little blurry. When you are playing this game, you feel like you are in the movie. This game does take a little bit longer the others did. This game is great and more fun to play. This one is way better than the others. I heard rumors that there is a new Hitman game coming to the PS4.