Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is way better than the first game. The first game was alright, but it wasn’t good as this game is. This game takes place after Codename 47. Agent 47 has left behind his life as an assassin. He gave all that money that he had in the past to the church in Sicily. He is staying at the church in this game, but his priest friend named Father Vittorio was kidnapped by butch of Russian guys. Now, 47 is back to being an assassin so he can save his priest friend.

In this game you will not be getting paid to kill, but you will get sweet weapons for free this time. The last game, you had to buy the weapons for the mission. In this game, you go get the weapons and keep them. I’m trying to collect them all. There is one mission where you will like dress up like the fire man. When I’m playing that mission, I play that one song by Lil Wayne called Fire Man. The graphics look way better than in the last game. The last had some pretty good graphics, but this game looks ten time better for a old PS2 game. The last game looked like a N64 game. The graphics does look similar to the first Soul Calibur. I wish IO Interactive uses for these in the first game.

The gameplay runs alot better now than before. In the last game, I had trouble with controls. In this game, the controls are easier than the last game. I’m using a controller rather than the keyboard. The keyboard was a pain for me. In this game, you can switch from third-person to first-person. First person view looks OK, but third person view looks even better. I will use the first person view for other reasons, but for right I’m using third person view. Just like Oblivion. The gameplay does runs like Oblivion. When I need to get a weapon, I press the weapon button and select that weapon I want to use.

The soundtrack does sound a little of newer James Bond movie and little Final Fantasy X music mix together. So, the soundtrack is great. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is must play game. The game is out for the PS2 and PC. I never played the PC version. I might try the PC version one day. For now, I’m playing this game on the PS2. You can get PS2 version on eBay for cheaper price, if you like to play games on consoles. If you like playing games on the computer, you can get this game at GOG.com as well. This one more is expensive than the first game at GOG.com. This game cost like $9.99. If you get both of them, it cost like $12.98. You will like this game better than the first game.