Highlander: The Search For Vengeance

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Born in the 2nd century BC, Colin has been chosen to be the tribes new leader and one of his first acts is confront the Roman Legion that is at the edge of the clan’s lands. Those troops are lead by Marcus Octavius, a general who feels that he is above everyone and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He feels that since he is immortal that he should be ruling the whole of the world and this conflict in England is just a small step in that grand plan. We don’t know how old he really is only that he said he had been around for hundreds of years before the invasion of the lands held by the clan that Colin is leading. It is not till a century later that Colin is accepted in Clan MacLeod and takes on the full name of Colin MacLeod.

Fearing for her husbands wife and the daughter of the old chieftain, Moya slips a sleeping potion Colin’s drink on what seems to be their wedding night. Once he passes out she goes to Marcus to plead for the lives of her people, she is even willing to give herself in bed to Marcus if he would spare them. Marcus loves the idea of the gift and while starting to ravish her he tells her that her people are already dead. Hearing this she plunges her dagger over and over into his chest and then tries to escape. As she is about to slip from the camp Marcus shows up with the dagger still in his chest and tells her that she will watch every one of her people die and then has her hoisted up and nailed to a cross to watch it all happen. All she can do is watch and scream all throughout the night.

It is not until after the battle that Colin fully awakens to find his love on the cross and removes her half dead body from it. While she lay there near death she asks him to promise that he will not seek revenge. He promises her and then changes the promise as she slips away from this life. He promises that he will never rest until Marcus is dead and pays for what he has done to her and his people. So in the waning light he slips into the cam and then is attacked by a painful seizure once her saw Marcus. So intense was the pain that it caused him to fall to the ground. Once it passed he tried to attack but was taken and bound and lead to the cliffs edge where he could battle Marcus. Hoping to make a quick end of it Marcus missed the mark of the neck and split Colins head almost in two. At this the horse that Colin was on raced across the countryside and threw Colin off in the middle of a set of standing stones. Being holy ground Marcus just leaves him there.

From the way that the story flowed it seems that Colin lay on that stone alter for at least 6 months or more as his head slowly mended itself. During that time the only other soul that was there to see it was that of a disembodied spirit named Amergan, a ghost of an ancient druid. For some reason the crazy ghost took a liking to Colin and has followed him around for nearly 3 millenia as Colin tries again and again to find vengeance. Marcus and Colin have fought many times and each time Marcus has just shoved him aside as if Colin was nothing but a diversion. In one battle in WWII he tells him, what have you don with your life. What do you have but vengeance. He then goes on to tell him all the great things that he has accomplished and all that he wants to do. Then as an after thought he says he wonders who may have been the fool, Colin for his vengeance or Marcus for his desire to master and control.

It is now centuries later and New York is flooded and in ruins but not all of it. In the center of it all in what seems to be the area that Central Park covered there is a mighty tower with a pyramid on top. Inside the tower and compound it is pure and clean with no disease and no poverty. Outside of it though the people suffer and die as they battle an unknown virus and live as deep as they can underground since it is the healthiest place to live. They have no hope of finding a way out of it all that is until Colin comes. They see what he can do, what he has done and know that it is time to take back the city for themselves. It is not dependent on if he helps or not but he has inspired them to stand up for themselves. They vow that they will either die or be victorious but they are no longer just going to hide and wait to die.

For an animated version of the Highlander series of films this is done very well. It is Japanimation at its best and draws you into the story and tries to make you part of it. It is one of those films that is not going to be easily forgotten and not just because it is filled with gratuitous blood and guts. It has an excellent story and not just thrown together. They try to make sure that it all connects together and flows without giving everything away right from the start.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆