High School of the Dead

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highschool of the deadHigh School of the Dead is like The Walking Dead meets Call of Duty. I never watched The Walking Dead series before but, I played alot of Call of Duty, though. This anime about 5 of these high school students, a school nurse, and a little girl are trying to survive from a zombie apocalypse. These people are named are Takashi, Rei, Saeko, Saya, Kohta, Shizuka, and Alice. Takashi is a high school student who didn’t care about anything. When the zombie apocalypse got started, he changed his life.

Rei is a high school student who got good grades and broke up with Takashi. She got back with him when the zombie apocalypse got started. Saeko is member of the Ken-do club and she pretty good with ken-do. Saya is smart high school student. She were glasses and she gets blood on her clothes. Her dad is leader of the Takagi family. I think her dad need to fix Washington’s mess. She is in love with Kohta. Kohta is gun freak. When the zombie apocalypse got started, he starting to live with guns, loves killing zombies, and is in love with Saya. In his normal life, he was a gamer who loved playing Call of Duty 24/7. No wander he loves guns so much.

This anime is shows alot panty shots, cleavage, guns and explosions, and lots of blood and gore. This anime got some comedy, and a little horror in to it, but this anime is mostly action. I love when the girls get dirty and bloody, and I like to see them when they take a bath together. High School of The Dead pretty good anime to watch if you zombies. If you like The Walking Dead or love playing Call of Duty all the time, you will like High School of The Dead. There is one problem with this anime. This anime has 12 episodes. That really sucks. This anime is not a series. It is a OVA. I wish they had made episodes. At least, they give more of the manga series than the TV show. I heard that they made a movie about this anime but it is in only in Japanese. I want to see it. If you never watched this anime, you should, because this anime got some funniest scenes, little scary, and has lots of female flesh, action, and explosions. So watch Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus by Daisuke Sato and Shouji Sato.