Hidden Expedition: Amazon

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FunFactor: ★☆☆☆☆ 

This was my first try of one of the Hidden Expedition games, and there are five in the series. Hidden Expedition: Amazon caused me some problems from the beginning, in that that I could not get the full screen version to load. When playing hidden object games, full screen is a much better option. The windowed screen was tiny, and it made it really difficult to find the objects you were looking for. There are some help guides, in that, when you click on the word in the list, it gives an outline shape of the item you are supposed to search for. You can also gain hints by searching for five tropical beetles in each puzzle. I recognized some of the sound effects, and realized that this game was designed by the same company that game us Azada, so I wondered why I was having so much trouble with the game, as I just could not get enough of the Azada games.

If you are lucky enough to get the full screen mode to work properly with Hidden Expedition: Amazon, then you might find this game enjoyable, but my experience was not good, so my review cannot be either. Give Hidden Expedition: Amazon a try, if you want. I only hope you get that full screen version to work for you, else you’ll be squinting your way through the windowed version, and there will never be enough hints to help you.