What HFCS takes away, and why they are so important:Copper

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HFCS takes away minerals that are very important to keeping your body healed and tissue strong. One of these very base minerals is copper. According to essortment.com’s fact about copper:

Copper comes in two forms, copper gluconate and copper sulfate. Copper is a trace element that is found in virtually every cell of the human body. It is a primary element in the production of melanin in the human body. Melanin is responsible for pigmentation in the eyes, hair and skin.

Copper is active in many ways in the human body. It is a powerful antioxidant which acts on the body to remove free radicals and help prevent cell structure damage. It is also thought to have anticarcinogenic properties, and unlike the copper bracelets sold as an arthritis cure, copper inside the body can help to alleviate some arthritis pain.
In the human body, copper assists the utilization of iron. The copper balance is the body can be upset by extremely high intakes of high fiber diets, iron or vitamin C, all of which interfere with the way the body metabolizes the copper. Prolonged intake of zinc which is at a ratio greater than ten to one of intake of copper can also interfere with absorption and metabolism in the body.
You can meet the body’s requirement of copper intake by eating shellfish. You can also get your dietary copper from many forms of nuts such as brazil nuts and hazelnuts. Cocoa also contains copper, as do honey, dried beans and whole wheat products. If you don’t get enough copper from your diet, you should only supplement copper in a multiple-vitamin and mineral supplement which also contains the proper ratio of zinc.

One of the best sources to replace the copper that HFCS has depleted is calf liver. I know, I Know! EW! Gross! With plenty of herbs and spices at your hands, even this slimy sweetbread can be made to be tasty, and the kicker is this; to receive the benefits of a 100% copper serving you only have to eat one ounce. That’s a toothpick hors d’oeuvres, a spread on a Norwegian crisp flatbread or a water biscuit. There is also the benefit of receiving the other minerals liver can give you, like iron, and whatever herbs you used to enhance the flavour can benefit you as well, as many herbs and spices have antioxidant properties, too. To take in copper means to break away from the processed junk that has been put into your soda, sugary drinks and commercial fruit punches, and enjoy real foods. Taking in shellfish like shrimp, or crab can help too. Even decadant, dark chocolate desserts can help you gain copper, so long as you sweeten them with only natural sugars. Even normal corn syrup, like the kind used in candy-making, can be safe.
Grill some shrimp, bake some Cuban bread, and take a mix of tropical greens for a copper rich Carribean meal that will satisfy in so many ways. Getting your daily intake of copper can be creative, fun, and rewarding. Don’t let the altered corn sugars take away any more of your minerals.