Heroes of Kalevala

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Heroes of Kalevala is so not the typical Match 3 game. This involves so much more than popping matching tiles. The story is, your tribe has been suffering from a drought, and the shaman throws the bones. The wise elder deems it is time to move on to more fertile shores, and a team of settlers is sent to the land of Kalevala to set new farms and colonies. Through this game, new villages are built, beautification takes place to ensure the colonists’ happiness, but not all is good. An evil witch, Louhi, and her nasty crow familiar are set on kicking out the newcomers. Heroes and gods are on your side, as they will help you defeat her nasty little bird as it tries to burn down the borders of your puzzles in every level. Each level brings on new challenges, locks, blocks, ice, but they also bring on new tools, like small and large bombs. You have warriors that can throw hammers and such to take out random blocks, and an amazing sea god that will flood the tiles to take them out, which that nasty crow is none too happy about. This addictive game can keep you going for hours, wanting to know what happens next. You will want to keep building their villages, and see who else might show up to help your villagers or hurt them. As I did not really have much time to test out Heroes of Kalevalaproperly, I will let you know that so far as I have seen, Ahti, the sea god, is one your most effective tools in taking out the tiles and Louhi’s familiar. There may be a revisit to this game later, because I know I will be playing it again. It’s just too good to pass up.