Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc has the typical match 3 set-up, but like the Azkend games, you can choose your gameplay mode of swap, chain, or block base to remove pieces. While learning about Jeanne d’Arc’s endeavors to free her country from English rule during the early 15th century, but we are also popping out icon, and when we reach a certain number of icon and meet the requirement of each puzzle quest, then we are reward with a gold allotment to spend on rebuilding our medieval town.

While the game can be addictive, and having the various different modes to play in makes it more challenging, especially in timed mode, I found the repetitive historical riff to be droning on, and this caused me to get sleepy. If you all want us to not quit playing your games, you need to have more upbeat music, like the fun drums in Jungo. There are many match 3 games to play out there, and I was glad I didn’t go much further with this one. Keep on searching, because there are many great matching casual games out there. Even though this one has a historical lesson to be learned along the way, keeping one’s interest will be a challenge with the sounds lofty recorder and lute midi-files buzzing around in your brain. Maybe the next Hero from the Past might be Shaka Zulu, even better, Shaka Kahn, and then we’ll have a game worth playing!