Heaven & Hell

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

I’m not sure how many readers here have come across the webcomic Misfile, but the main character of this match 3 game reminds me much Rumsiel, but they have been banished from Heaven to correct a mistake for very different reasons. In this game, our lazy angelic worker, Angelo, spends far too much time updating his Faithbook status and now some demons have slipped in on his watch and stolen seven artifacts, and he has to go down into Hell to get them back. He’s a witty little dude, and he will be matching wits with some monstrous, but not so bright creatures along the way. The puzzle he has to solve feature icons that represent the seven deadly sins, which many people are far more familiar with than the seven cardinal virtues.

At the start of the game, you must chose one of these as your personal icon, from the Golden Boy with the toothy grin representing Pride, to the voluptuous pink-haired lady puffing on her hookah to represent Lust, you will find them all there. Your laze-about angel is pretty talented at witty jabs targeted at taunting his foes, but as to the game mechanics, sometimes the grid gets so far ahead of you when it cascades, that you can’t get back in there until it stops. Like the massively addictive game, Heroes of Kalevala, certain grouping will give you tools to help you clear the grid faster, but Heaven & Hell is no HoK. If match 3 games are your kind of game, then add this to your collection, because it has a great soundtrack, and has its moments, but there are better games like this to be found, right here on this site.