Head Over Heels : Four supermodel roommates. One regular girl. The guy next door doesn’t stand a chance.

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Here is a cute sleeper of a chick flick that might have been overlooked, but should not be missed. It was one of those rare films that Freddie Prinze Jr. did not make with constant co-star Matthew Lilliard during the early 2000s, and that in itself makes it worth the watching. However, the focus is not on Freddie’s character of Jim Winston, but on his cute, clumsy paramour Amanda Pearce (Monica Potter). The couple themselves is a great story, but the supporting cast really lifts them up, and will keep you laughing for quite awhile.

Amanda has a history of finding all the wrong guys. In middle school, her first boyfriend dumped her for a girl with bigger breasts. In high school, her boyfriend dumped her someone with no breasts. He turned gay on her, yikes! So, she left her little town in the Heartland, and now works as a restoration artist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Renaissance division. She loves her job, and finds more in common with the people in the paintings she fixes than in real life. Real life is about give her a good punch in the nose once again. When she comes home to fix a nice dinner for her boyfriend, she catches him in bed with a lingerie model, and the jig is up. She leaves immediately, and turns to her best friend, Lisa (China Chow). Lisa does not sharing the space, but Amanda feels uneasy, because Lisa is a lesbian, and is just not attracted to her in that way.

So Amanda goes to find a new apartment, and finds an amazing steal of a place for $500 in Manhattan, can you believe it? The thing is, she is now sharing a models’ apartment with four runway models, and her life is about to turn upside down. On her way up to see the place, she runs into a horny Great Dane, and the man in charge of walking him, Jim Winston (Freddie Prinze Jr.) The dog bowls her over, and Amanda is a bit shaken, but not until Jim helps her up. When their hands touch, her knees buckle, and she thinks he might be the one. With her history with relationships, she immediately dismisses the feeling, and comes up with all kinds of reasons why she should not date him, even though her weak in the knees feeling indicates she should. This is the same sensation she gets when working on a masterpiece or getting in on an amazing opportunity.

She meets with Holly (Tomiko Fraser), whom shows her to a small room with a futon, and Amanda can’t understand why she is paying $500 for a walk-in closet, but the closet is actually the room next door, and it is huge. She then meets the other women in the apartment, the self-absorbed Jade (Shalom Harlow), the not-so-bright Aussie, Candi (Sarah Murdoch), and the sexy Russian redhead, Roxana (Ivana Milicevic). What happens next takes Amanda into fish out of water world of high fashion, Russian mobsters, diamond smuggling, and detective work. There are spots where the models also get involved into silliness of their own making while trying to help their new friend in her pursuit of Jim, and some of them even find love along the way. This is one fun romantic comedy, and for you ladies that love the sounds of Irishman Ronan Keating, you’ll be treated to his music on the soundtrack.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆