Haven on Syfy

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Haven is a small little town with big problems even though everyone tries to ignore them. The town has a deep dark secret that they are trying to forget and it is up to the 3 main characters to deal with them and try to figure them out. At the end of last season we saw that Audrey Parker wasn’t even the real Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) but actually someone from the towns past but she has no memory of that time. Now there are 2 Audreys and we all want to know what is going to happen with them. The other 2 main characters are that of Duke Crocker and Nathan Wuornos. Nathan (Lucas Bryant) is a town cop as well as Audrey’s partner is trying to solve all of the towns mysteries. Since his fathers explosive passing he is now pretty mush running the police station and wondering what he is going to do with himself now. Duke (Eric Balfour) is now running a tavern/bar as well as smuggling at times and wondering how it is that he got into the mess to begin with. If it hadn’t been for Audrey he wouldn’t care about what was going on at all. She and Nathan seem to be turning him into a person that actually cares about the town and others.

An interesting thing about Nathan, he is a victim of the “Trouble” that the town is going through. He is unable to feel anything except for the touch of Audrey. When ever she touches him he is able to really feel it. When anyone else touches him he might be aware of it but can not really feel it. We know from the show that this is causing him a lot of confusion as he tries to sort his feeling out as far as Audrey is concerned. As to Duke he has not been shy about how he feels about Audrey but she is sometimes too much of a blond to really get it. She has issues of her own that she is trying to work out as well with nightmares about the town and her own mixed feelings about the 2 men. This is sure to be a very interesting season for the show and is definitely a show worth watching.

Now as to the Syfy Channel, they really should start promoting the show seriously and not just trying to kill it. They might say differently but when you take a show and stick it behind wrestling that likes to run over time then you really don’t care about the show. Then they don’t even give you the courtesy to show you the show in its entirety but instead say they are joining the show already in progress. I call the spot that Haven is in the “Kill the show” slot. People need to see the show and start telling Syfy to show it some other time or slot and give it the press it deserves and needs. Why do we even need wrestling on a Science Fiction channel anyway. Imagine greater my ass, I guess that is why they went and changed their name because the channel is becoming less and less about scifi and more and more about stupidity and canning shows that are really good and popular. If we want good shows we either have to beg BBC to pick them up or demand that Syfy start being accountable.

I for one will be watching Haven when it returns to Syfy on July 15th at 10/9 Central. If I have to I will watch 3 and a half hours later. It needs to be on before the damned wrestling, not after. Get a clue Syfy. For the rest of you see you in Haven when it returns to Syfy on July 15th at 10/9 Central