Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls Collector’s Edition

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

This is my first review of a HOM from Fuzzy Bug Games, and it definitely has a different feel to it from the beginning. Instead of crashing a car at the outskirts of some creepy small town, we are crashing a plane in somewhere in the islands of northern Scotland. A refreshing change, even if we do temporarily get plunged into icy waters of the North Sea or the Pentland Firth, or maybe The Minch. Our storyline never really gives us a real idea of where we are, except that we are on a very small jetty with a lighthouse, or so it seems from the initial view. Once we get a little deeper into the lighthouse, we learn that this island is very haunted, and one ghost in particular has been keeping other ghosts from passing on.

So, it seems, sometime in the late 1800s, a very jealous nobleman was determined to have a local beauty as his bride, but she only had eyes for her betrothed. All kinds of murder and mayhem occurred at that time, and no one came to the island until WWII, when a reconnaissance team crashed, and they met with similar fates, due to this one very malevolent spirit determined to keep everyone, dead or alive from the woman he wants to claim as his own. Does it seem these game just get creepier and creepier? I guess that is part of their charm, but they are not going to make you jump from your skin like Amnesia The Dark Decent does.

The HO puzzles are very well lit, and the objects are fairly easy to find at most times. There were not many logic puzzles to muddle through, and it did not seem like we were constantly searching for keys to open this door or that shop, etc. I have played many of these games, and if you enjoy a little obscure Scottish history, you might really get into Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls Collector’s Edition.