Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Revisited

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Now that the DVD and Blu-Ray editions of the film are out we have decided to come back and take a second look at what is both one of the most exciting film of the series and sometimes the most boring of the series. This film is great but it is filled with a lot of slow spots that younger viewers are not going to be able to understand. If your watching this film with younger children you will have a lot of explaining to do. On the other hand the slowness of the film is actually needed to be able to tell the story as it unfolds. It is used to show just how evil Voldemort aka Tom Riddle (Ralph Fiennes) really is and how horrid anything associated with the Dark Lord is really a bad thing to hold on to. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 lets us see just how deep the feelings for each other really are and how it can spark jealousy over the simplest and silliest of things. This is going to be a film that makes you think about what it is that you are seeing and we get to finally find out some of the family history of Harry and Riddle. They are actually distant cousins.

From the last film we know that Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is not going to go back to school, he wants to see what Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) started finally finished and an end put to the plans of The Dark Lord. He is pissed and on a mission to make the murderer of his family pay for not only what happened to his own parents but make him pay for all the crimes and horrors that he has visited on others. Nothing is going to stop him but he does have to take certain precautions with the only family he has left. To make sure that they are not harmed he has arranged for them to leave their house forever. He doesn’t want them coming back. One thing in the film that I really didn’t like is that they didn’t even touch on how it was Dudley that convinced them to go. In the book he told his father that they should listen as he trusted Harry since he saved his life. In the extra features of the Blu-Ray we see an extended scene of when the family is leaving and Dudley (Harry Melling) doesn’t understand why they had to leave. They really should have let Dudley keep some whits about him from the encounter with the Dementors and J. K. Rowling should have made sure that they did so. I am truly grateful she made sure that the Mexican hack of a director from one of the previous films never got his way but he did saddle the rest of the series with a darkness that just was not needed. The current director David Yates has been doing his best to bring these wonderful films back to light where they belong and all the Potter fans are definitely grateful for doing what he could with what he was left with to work with.

Harry is about to turn 17 but till he does he has the Ministry of Magic trace on him for wizards that are underage. Something that the Ministry uses to be able to find witches and wizards all over that might not be born to wizarding families. It is also used to make sure that these same children do not use unapproved magic outside of sanctioned studies. This both protects the children and protects the wizarding world from exposure to the muggles, the non-magic folk of the world. This is a real problem for Harry as he can not travel by magical means until he turns 17. Till then he has to depend on the use of magic by others to get him around since the Ministry and Voldamort are now working together to hunt him down. With the Dursleys gone, he no longer has the protection of family to keep him safe when away from Hogwarts. Hogwarts itself is not safe wither since Snape (Alan Rickman) killed Headmaster Dumbledore. Sure Minerva would try and keep Harry safe but she now has bigger things to contend with as she tries to make sure that the school continues to stay open and function properly as it trains future witches and wizards.

As usual, Harry is going to have to depend on the aid of the Weasley family and Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson), who had to wipe the memory of herself from her own family. That scene in itself was very emotional. The remainder of the Order of the Pheonix makes sure that Harry gets away safely but every step of the way there is pain and even death as the trio try and stay ahead of Death Eaters, Snatchers and even non-Voldemort supporters as they try and catch Harry just to save their own skin. No place is safe for the Chosen One as he tries to find the Horcruxes that contain the bits of soul of Tom Riddle. In the whole film they are only able to destroy just one of them. They know there are a total of 7 of them, 8 if you count the obvious “Both must die so that one might live”, and they have only seen 3 destroyed. The book in Chamber of Secrets, the locket that they find in this film and a ring that used to belong to Tom’s family. The next film is sure to be a whirlwind as they track down and destroy the rest of them and then the final battle with Voldamort himself.

This was a difficult film but necessary for the plot to continue and is entertaining to watch. We get to see just what happens when young people have to grow up and how evil really can touch to soul and even try to destroy friendship. We have plenty of cliffhangers for the next film and we see many more questions answered with this film as well. Might be difficult but this really is a must see film.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆