Happy Feet Two: Every step counts

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Happy-Feet-Two-DVD-CoverIt’s been a few seasons now, and Mumble (Elijah Wood) and his lovely mate, Gloria (Pink) finally made their own egg, and this fluffy little bundle is Erik (Ava Acres). He’s got a wonderful talent for song, but can’t quite keep up with his father’s feet. The whole of the Emperorland has become one big party during the summer, but Erik just can’t get into the beat, and he’s afraid of joining in. Meanwhile, below the ice Will (Brad Pitt) and Bill (Matt Damon) the Krills are wanting to know what life is like beyond the krill swarm, and Will decides it’s time to move on.

Over in Adelieland, some new things have been going on. Lovelace (Robin Williams) has come back after a disappearance, and is sporting a colourful sweater made just for him. As well as Lovelace’s return, there is some kind of green stuff growing near the water, and a new bird is among their ranks. The Mighty Sven (Hank Azaria) is a displaced puffin that came to Antarctica via the “alien” ship that rescued both birds. Sven has the markings and webbed feet of a penquin, but he can fly, so the Adelies think he is just one amazingly powerful penguin. After Erik gets embarrassed at not having the moves to join the party one day, he runs into his father’s best friend, Ramon (Robin Williams). Erik’s little fluffy bird friends are with him, Atticus (Li’l P-Nut) and Bo (Meibh Campbell). Ramon takes them to see Lovelace to answer Erik’s question about the changes around them, and they feel a huge lurch under their little webbed feet, and a loud crash and rumble. What these birds are experiencing is a result of global warming in their chilling habitat as the earth is getting warmer. Glaciers are melting, and ice shelves are breaking.

Under the ice, the two little krills are on their own adventure. Will wants to evolve and attempts to be a carnivore by biting on the rump of a leopard seal, but Bill is always at his side as the voice of reason. Will does not want to listen to the logic, and soon finds his little corner of the world can be a much colder place than he ever imagined.

Up top, Mumble has gone off to find his chick, and he finds them safe with his Adelie friends. Erik is now in awe of Sven, and wants to fly. He believes that if Sven can do it, any penguin can. It will take lots of convincing to make Erik see differently, but along the way home, the Emperor penguins run into Bryan the Beachmaster (Richard Carter). Bryan is one of the biggest and baddest elephant seals to be found, but when Bryan takes bad hit after trying to back up to make way for penguins, he falls into a pit. Mumble rescues him, and Bryan, wanting to do the right thing as a lesson to his pups, becomes Mumble’s biggest ally.

Soon, they find that that loud crash is a iceberg, and Emperorland has been cut off by this monster of a green iceberg, and it is going to take the effort of many creatures to help them out, from doing food runs to bringing down the berg itself. Would that everyone could work so well collectively as these animals did in this crisis! Happy Feet Two is just as much fun as the original, with a fun score, and dazzling animation. It is so cute and upbeat, that you can’t but be happy after watching it.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆