Happy Chef

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

This has to be one the one of the worst time management games I have run across. In Happy Chef I was expecting a Cooking Mama kind of game, but this was nothing like that. There is a little back story, in which you are a young person that takes over your father’s little diner when he gets ill, so you spend the first fifteen levels of the game slinging standard fast food fare, and making upgrades. I was hoping to see a little variety, but that does not happen until later. So you are stuck working with about eight ingredients, and there isn’t even any cheese!
I guess the game is cheesy enough without it!

The people who show up to the little diner are very two dimensional, cookie cutter copies of each other, such as the little nerd, the older nerd, the fat bride, the retiree, the sugared-up kids, and the rich fat cat with his security guards. They keep ordering variations of items on your very limited menu, but these guys aren’t very patient. You can give them salted nuts to keep them sated, and with each upgrade, you get more time, but once you reach the end of the time with one place, you expand, and have to run the gamut all over again with another place, with a different, but again, very limited menu. Even the fast food chains across the world come up new stuff every few months. Happy Chef did not make me very happy.