Happy 21st Anniversary Rho

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The picture you see is of my wife that was taken several years ago. Over 12 years ago and she and I are still together this day after 21+ years together. Even though it is our 21st wedding anniversary we have been a couple for 22 and a half years. In this day and age it is so unusual to see couples together that long but we had an advantage, we are both stubborn as hell and refuse to leave each other. True we argue a lot but we don’t just run away from each other.

So, I want to say Happy Anniversary Rho and may we be together 50 more years or more. I will always remember that day we backed into each other at Enterprise 1701 in Orlando, I was looking at Trek and you looking at Who and we have been running into each other since.

Needless to say you are not going to see many posts from us today because we are going to have other very grown up activities to attend to and probably wont even see the computer at all. That is another reason we are still together, I can’t keep my hands off of her and she can’t keep her’s off of me.

So to all you jealous people reading this, love your partner but don’t hold on too tight and don’t worry if it seems like they might stray. Think about it, whose bed are they going to be in at the end of the night whispering sweet nothings into your ear. If they love you they are going to stay with you for as long as they can put up with you, love has nothing to do with that part. Love doesn’t keep you together, stubbornness and arguments and making up later will see to that all on its own.