Halo: Reach

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Halo Reach

Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Halo: Reach is one best Halo games that I have ever played in the series. This game has more action, more things you can do, more fun than COD series, and has a map editor. How cool is that? This was Bungee’s last Halo game that they made before 343 Industries took over the series. This game take place shortly before first halo game. The game begins with the planet Reach in the ruins, then flashes back to before the devastating invasion by the Covenant. When play this game, you will see Cortana as ancient artifact AI. I thought Cortana was made by humans, but she is an ancient. The graphics in this game are outstanding. They look more like a CGI movie. If this was movie, this will be great movie. The gameplay is more fun as well. The gameplay runs more smooth, but still lag every once from now. The soundtrack is really good. I sound like the same people who did Final Fantasy music. When I’m playing the game it does sounded like Final Fantasy. I would be cool if Square Enix did Halo. It would look like Final Fantasy XIII, the character would more like anime, and Cortana will look more like Yuna or Tifa. Now for the multiplayer. The multiplayer is really intense.

Halo Reach has the best looking multiplayer in the series. I had played multiplayer at a friend and we were playing online like crazy. Also this game has a custom map editor. You can make your own map world. When I was creating my world map, it feels like I’m playing Tony Hawk again. In the Tony Hawk series, you can actually make your own skit park, but in Halo: Reach, it more fun and more to play around. I wish the map editor was in other Halo series. That would be fun to play. When you are playing this game, you can make your own character. The custom isn’t all that great. When your character is wearing armor, you don’t his/her face at all. Soul Calibur custom characters is better than this game. Halo: Reach is most fun and really good looking graphics that I had ever seen. The graphics in this game look 10 times better than Killzone 2. I had lost interest in Killzone but, Halo is always better than Killzone and the Metroid series as well. I’m a PlayStation guy, but I love Halo so much. If you are getting a Halo game, you need to get Halo: Reach. Halo: Reach is one of the best series and it is more fun play.