Halo: Anniversary

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halo anniversary

Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Halo: Anniversary is remastered version of Halo: Combat Evolved. I played this game over the Labor Day weekend and picked up my XBOX 360 at Gamestop. This game looked like a PS4 game. I thought PS3 has better graphics than the 360 did, after I played this game, 360 graphics looked better than the PS3. The level design looked intense and the gameplay runs better than before, but there is a little bit of frame issue.

The controls are easier than before. The original XBOX had alot of buttons and the controller was too big. When I’m playing this game on the 360, it feels like playing Halo on a PS2. The 360 controller almost looks like a PS2 controller, but with some differences. The graphics in this are outstanding and pretty good looking. This game looks really good on HDTV. You can switch to the old graphics with the back button, but why you want to go back to the old? This game has better graphics as it is.

The gameplay most impressive than before. Bungie did great jobs on the original XBOX, but 343 Industries made it better. Soundtrack is better than before. It sounds more clear and upbeat than it sounded like old PSone Square Enix music. You can still play split screen with your friends, but for Halo: Anniversary, you can play online with your friends now. In the first game, you couldn’t play online with friends or anyone. This time you can. If you are Halo fan like me you should get this game. If you are new to the series, you should play this game.